Topglass GC is the top Product of all the Topglass natural lighting family of Products, utilizing an innovative manufacturing process developed by i-cons Asia Co., Ltd. whereby Climatex Gel Coating100 micron gelcoat exclusively developed for Topglass is applied to the weather surface of the sheeting. Having 100 microns thick coating offers exceptional resistance against corrosive atmospheres, and providing protection against solar deterioration that will result in glass fiber showing.

Visible Light and Solar Tranmission
Weight & Thickness 2400 gsm (1.5mm)
Product %Diffuse Light Transmission (AS/NZS 4257.4) %Solar Transmittance (ISO 9050)
Tolerance +3 +3
Clear 75% 75%
Ivory 54% 40%
Cool White 38% 11%
Solar Energy Performance
Product Ashrae Fundamentals. ISO 9050 AS/NZS 4257.4
Shading Coefficient Solar Heat Gain Coefficient
Tolerance +0.02 +0.02 +3 +3
Topglass GC Cool White 0.20 0.17 8.9 38
Key Benefits - Heavy duty 100 micron* Climatex Gel Coated surface provides a longer life light transmission and prevent glass showing;
- Climatex Gel Coating surface, which is reactive thermo-set to provide high gloss surface.
- Topglass GC, which is manufactured to meet the requirements of AS 4256:3.2006; resist UV degradation and yellowing much longer than is commonly exerienced with general purpose grade translucent roofing products;
- Topglass GC can be supplied in a variety of pigments and can be supplied as Topglass GC SPF. This innovative gelcoat additive provides excellent UVA and UVB block and offers exceptional heat and light data (refer individual bruchure);

I-Cons Asia Co., Ltd. takes particular pride its JAS-ANZ Certification under the Benchmark Certification scheme. Recognised in over 90 countriew and providing security in every respect to customers, JAS-ANZ certification not only guarantees accurate systems process, and unlike other Quality Standard schemes, JAS-ANZ Certification also has the added advantage of ensuring our customers always receive consistent and monitored quality product, legally certified to AS/ZS 4256N. Patrs 1 and 3.

Being a manufacturer in the Kingdom of Thailand, I-Ccons Asia Co., Ltd. is also a certified manufacturer of FRP by the Thailand industrial Standard certification body obtaining the TIS 612-2549(2006) for Glass Fibre Reinforced Polyester Sheets. Like the JAS-ANZ certification this also unsures that all products have traceabillity all the way from each raw material through each step of process to finished goods.

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