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Whilst it is recognised that there were other FRP Sheet manufacturers, it became obvious to our company that only Alsynite NZ Could demonstrate superior and advanced FRP technology, quality expertise and gobal Topglass Brand Strength, ultimately meeting our quality-focussed objectives.

As a result of this significant investment, our company will assume a market leading position of manufacturing and supplying Topglass Natural Lighting products using the Alsynite NZ Proprietary resin and weather surface coating systems, bringing improved translucentsheeting product and warranties to our customers within the global arena.

I-Cons Asia Co., Ltd. takes particuar pride in its JAS-ANZ Certification under the Benchmark Certification scheme. Recognised in over 90 countries and providing security in every respect to customers, JAS-ANZ certification not only guarantees accuratesystems process, and unlink other Quality Standard schemes, JAS-ANZ Certification also has the addedadvantage of ensuring our customers always receive consistent and monitored quality product, legally certified
to AS 4256.3:2006

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